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Overcoming Adversity

 Countless times, you will hear someone say, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” What you won’t hear them say is that often, there is no possible way to make sweet lemonade from the bitter lemons life throws our way. Such was the life of Savannah Grace. 

SPD is the abbreviated form of Sensory Processing Disorder, formerly called Sensory Integration Dysfunction. It is a neurological disorder that prevents a person to respond normally to sensory information. Savannah’s story is one of hope, endurance, and inspiration. How she was able to overcome SPD to become a much-needed source of inspiration through music to many. 

What Is SPD?
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Savannah Grace Today

Singer Savannah Grace uses her story as a positive message that as hard as it was, she got through it, and so can anyone else. Though her primary target is people facing emotional, physical and any other life draining battle the message she shares on social media and in her music is for everyone in the world. From not being able to express herself due to the challenges she once faced with SPD, Savannah now performs on stage and even has a YouTube channel where she spreads positive energy as well as infecting others with the desire to be successful. 

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Savannah has performed at numerous Social Media and YouTube music events such as Play Live Live, Good Times Tour, Revolution Tour and others. To book Singer and Social Media Influencer Savannah Grace for your event please email our booking agent Ginger@iamsavannahgrace.com to check availability. 

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